Plant identification

Recently, I built a pond at my allotment and I have noticed that there is a fern-like plant growing around the pond. I’m wondering if anybody knows what this plant could be...?

(I’ve attached a photo below of the plant)

  • Cow parsley, or member of the same family.
  • Is hemlock in this family as I’ve heard that it is very poisonous and it looks similar to cow parsley?
  • Must be aware not to get the two confused, was reading about this late last night!  Explained in detail here ...


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  • This is clearly a plant from the Apiaceaa or carrot family.
    This family is notorious for difficult to identify plant species.

    Many plant species resemble the leaves of carrot, celery, parsley, parsnip, angelica, sweet cicely, with very subtle difference, with one species being harmless, and another highly similar species being extremely poisonous.

    Water hemlock, giant hogweed are two well known toxic species.

    The one you posted is unknown to me, but it seems to be similar to a common plant species I often see growing in wetlands and wet places, and sometimes as weed in gardens. Could be cow parsley (harmless) or a poison hemlock (highly toxic). The two are hard to distinguish, and only for experts.