Juvenile Nuthatch?

I've only seen this bird appear the last week and I've never seen the nuthatches eating the suet the way this one has been hitting it.  From the little I know and have read online I think it may be a juvenile, can anyone confirm please?

  • Juvie nuthatches look much like their parents though usually a bit less chestnutty around the flanks. I'd expect to see a trace of yellow at the base of the bill in a juvenile which would be a remnant of it's pre-fledging bright "feed me" gape.
  • Thanks for the reply John.

    I don't see any chestnut in this bird at the moment, the flanks and underside seem to be a cream colour throughout. It also seems to act differently from the other birds, for one it visits the suet feeder a lot, much more regularly than the other nuthatches. When the mature birds are there it seems to constantly call also until they go and it can have a feed.

    I'll check my other photos and see whether I can see that yellow bill you mention too. Thanks again for the advice.