American robin

We have a pair of American robins and young in our garden in the north of England. Is this unusual?

  • What makes you think they are American Robins? Can you provide a photo?



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  • To have even one in the country is a very unusual occurrence. A breeding pair really is unlikely. I would make sure you have identified them correctly. Is there a chance they are bullfinches or chaffinches, for example? They are probably the most likely similar birds to find in a garden.


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  • Yes, photo needed, no matter how poor!
  • Could it be a redstart?
  • Without pics it seems we'll never know. It's frustrating as a breeding pair of vagrant American Robins would be a very important record, however it seems that this thread is yet another in an occasional series where the OP asks an intriguing question then disappears never to be heard from again. I can't decide whether these posts are a wind-up, or the OP disappears as they're embarassed at making an incorrect ID. Which they shouldn't be of course, we all make mistakes and we're all here to help.
  • In reply to Mr. B:

    Unfortunately, American robin threads, by my estimate have a 100% 'op disappears' rate. I can't remember ever seeing someone post of photo having previously raised it as a possibility. Golden oriole and hoopoe threads are quite close to 100% disappearance as well, or at least, a photo (no matter how poor) is never produced.