Lesser Redpoll?

 Found this bird interested in my niger/nyjer seeds today (in Carlisle if that helps).

 I am unsure as to which type of bird it is. I know that lesser redpolls are quite rare (less so in the winter to be fair but still rare) so I wanted to make sure that it is what an amateur professional thinks it is. I have also taken screenshots of the best moments of the videos that I took. I am really exited to know what you all think!

 Hope this helps!


  • Hi Ben,
    Yes, it's certainly a Redpoll and highly likely the Lesser variety which is what we mostly get in the UK. Common Redpolls (from Europe) are seen in winter but are scarce.
    Nice little birds and they are partial to nyger seeds. In fact they are about the only bird in my garden that would touch them. I only get them during a hard winter and haven't had them in the garden for several years now. Nice.spot.



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  • In reply to TeeJay:

    Thank you very much for confirming this. I am so exited to have seen my first redpoll! Hope you get to see some more coming back for the winter!