Are these Goosander?

Taken today in New Forest, the white one very pretty indeed.

The Goosander I have seen before do not seem to have this variety in colour, so maybe these are another species of diving ducks?

Slightly out of focus, but my camera is finally packing up on me, the AF no longer works... :O(


  • They definitely aren't Goosander, I'm afraid. They all look like hybrid Mallards to me. There are lots of colour variations from interbreeding with domestic or feral ducks. Sometimes they are referred to as Manky Mallards


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  • Many thanks, they are a lot larger than mallards, and seemed to behave a lot differently, and did not wander from their group or associate with other mallards on the pond; but I guess that is just nature.

    There were some Goosander there last winter, hence why I asked the question.

  • Sorry Rich, these are not Goosanders. They all appear to be Mallard variants which are sometimes known as Manky Mallards. Basically, Mallards which have been selectively bred often for domestic purposes. You can check out the weird and wonderful variations HERE.

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  • Only looking on my phone, but would agree with Nige and TJ, Goosander have a little hook at the end of their bill
  • Hi Rich totally agree with the others, definitely Mallards (Manky variety). This is a shot I took the other week of some Gossanders, sorry not the best of pictures but they were along way a way and testing for my 135mm lens. As PB mentioned you can see the hook on the end of the beak.


  • They look like mixed breed mallard type ducks to me


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