Woodland bird

This is a difficult one because the photo is very bad, but can anybody ID this bird?. It was at Woodberry Wetlands in London this afternoon, near a flock of Long-tailed Tits. I was wondering if  it was a Greenfinch or maybe a female Chaffinch?

  • Very difficult for me to see that Marie. I'll leave someone more talented to bring that image out and clarify it.

    Tail's interesting, and reminds me of a Greenfinch.

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  • Could be a Linnet (assuming they're around)...
  • Not convinced this can be i.d' d from that photo. Could be a yellowhammer.
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    Robbo said:
    Could be a yellowhammer

    Yes, you're right. It could be.

    A pure coincidence, but having recently moved to a more agricultural area (from, basically, vineyards), I saw my first Yellowhammers in years just a few days ago.

    Do they form large groups in autumn and winter the way Linnets do?

  • Can do, though not seen that myself for decades. More likely to see them in mixed flocks.
  • In had a large flock (100+) of Yellowhammers last winter in a field near me it was a fantastic sight, once I had reported it people were coming out to see them.

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    Robbo said:
    Can do, though not seen that myself for decades

    Great. Thank you.

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    Alan. said:
    a large flock (100+) of Yellowhammers last winter

    Oh. Wow. 100+.

    I bet people were coming over to see them.

    But I think that given Robbo's post you're now duty bound to invite him over Alan.

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  • I've had a go at trying to improve this image without much success. It's just too small and there are twigs half obscuring the bird,

    Given that this was photographed at a wetland location in East London it wouldn't in my opinion be a likely location to see a Yellowhammer - but you never know. Ditto Linnet.

    I think with the strongly cleft tail we are all probably agreed that it's a finch of some sort. My feeling is that it's most likely to a Greenfinch but without much conviction. Sorry Marie.



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  • To be fair, Woodbury Wetlands sightings includes, and suggests, a wide variety and linnets were referred to last month.