Grey bullfinch

We had a new visitor, we have had very rare visits of a male bullfinch (a handful of visits over 3 years) and yesterday we were surprised by a new visitor, something that was clearly a bullfinch but grey.

My question is that is a female bullfinch grey or brownish, as books suggest?

Being in central England, I don't expect to see anything exceptional so we assume it was a female bullfinch and it is just the natural variation of the species.

  • Morning Ian,
    I can only say that I've always taken grey (/brown) Bullfinches (normally with a bit of pink underneath and around the face) to be females.

    That said, I'm not sure how long it takes for a juvenile to take on adult plumage.

    There will, I'm sure, be a Bullfinch lover along shortly to correct me...

    Whatever the answer, it's great to have Bullfinches in your garden. Sadly rarer these days (here at least), so always a particular treat.

    Best regards -
  • Thanks, unfortunately it hasn't reappeared yet, but nice to have a new spot. We are having a busy autumnon the feeders, when last year our feeders were almost abandoned.
  • In reply to IanMSpencer:

    With a bit of luck she'll (assuming it's a she) be back. 'Ours' come a few times a week, but not more, and never when it's too cold.

    Glad to hear that your feeders are going well this year; abandoned feeders are difficult, and sometimes an insoluble mystery (for me anyway).

    Best regards -
  • I've looked through my Bullfinch photos and the only thing I can see with mine is the female can look slightly grey in the right would be good if you could get any sort of photo.

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