Cheeky request for ID for Danube bird

I'm not sure I'm actually allowed to ask for an ID for a not-in-the-UK bird, but here goes. I was in the Danube Delta in August and took this photo. Can anyone ID the geese? They look like Pink-footed to me, but I don't think they are found in that area. Are they Greylags?

  • Hi Marie
    I'll give you my guess until someone with more knowledge comes on.
    I think they are Greylag, the Pink Footed on my bird app shows them with some black on their bills, but that could be an age thing.
    And I'm usually wrong..

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  • Marie C said:
    I'm not sure I'm actually allowed to ask for an ID for a not-in-the-UK bird,

    Of course you are, Marie. You can ask for an ID from anywhere. Whether we can answer it is another matter. LOL

    I've been to the Danube Delta but never seen any geese there although it was in May. I can see why you thought they look like Pink-feet but as you say they shouldn't be there. As far as I'm aware they winter in northern Europe so don't migrate as far south as the lower Danube. On the Avibase for Romania they are shown as vagrants.

    Looking at the one goose not asleep the bill looks too large for a Pink-foot so I suspect it and the others are probably Greylags. I think they do breed and winter around the Black Sea. 

    One of our members (Paul A) who lives in Scotland is much more familiar with geese than I am so may be able to give you a better opinion.

    Nice to see the White Pelicans btw



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  • Hi Marie, I think it's absolutely fine to ask for ID's of birds outside the UK, it's very interesting to see photos and reports from people's travels, however brief, and it contributes to our knowledge.

    Also agree with the Alan and TeeJay, these are Greylag, I would imagine they will be local breeders. Pink Footed don't get anywhere near that far south and would be an extreme rarity - particularly in August when they will still be on their breeding grounds in Iceland and Svalbard.
  • I also agree with all that's been said, most probably Greylags.

    A comparison shot of Pink-footed (left) and Greylag (right)

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  • Thank you, everyone, for the ID, and for Paul’s comparison shot - it really makes the difference clear.