Falcon hunting bats in Corfu

On holiday in Corfu earlier this week I was watching the dusk from our hotel balcony as the bats were coming out. Suddenly a raptor appeared - unmistakably a falcon but silhouetted against the sky in the low light, so my already shaky identification skills were unable to say what species. I watched the bird chase a bat, jinking sharply towards it when it got close - the bat was quick enough to jink away without being taken. Rather than pursue that bat, the falcon chased another one and the same thing happened. The bird seemed to be making its way across the hillside and the impression I got was that it was more interested in its journey but opportunistically having a go at grabbing a late snack as it passed.

I saw, I think, four strikes but no bats taken. I had never seen or heard of falcons hunting bats before but there are a few reports of this on the net - peregrines hunting bats in the Americas and also the imaginatively named bat falcon, but I have found no mention of this behaviour in Europe. Googling falcon identification I would say that the size, the silhouette (which is still burned on my mind's retina) and the flight pattern suggest a hobby but I can't be sure and I also don't know whether this is a likely sighting in Corfu in October.

Any thoughts?