Loud Exotic-Sounding Bird Heard in the Middle of Oxford

Hi, this evening I heard this bird call near Oxford's natural history Museum at around 8pm. It was very loud! It has a distinctive call which repeated about once a minute or so (I'm 100% sure this is all one bird), almost like a Kookaburra at some points

What do you think it is?

(sorry for the talking over the recording!)

  • Hi & welcome to the community ... just a suggestion, does anyone nearby keep Peacocks?


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  • In reply to WendyBartter:

    This guy was about five or six floors up on the roof of the science department unfortunately I couldn't get a look at it because it was too dark
  • I think it could be the alarm call of a Peregrine Falcon. Have a listen to this recording.

    Albert Lastukhin & Yuri Glushchenko, XC344930. Accessible at www.xeno-canto.org/344930

    It would fit with the location of five or six floors up.



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  • The Falcon has an interesting call but I'm not sure it's a match - a distinctive feature of this one was how much it could change it's call over a single song, it seems to have quite a wide vocal range!
  • Hi and welcome to the community from me too.  After hearing your recording I can only agree with Tony as it sounds more like a Peregrine falcon.  Unless someone nearby has an aviary with exotic species or there is a wildlife hospital/rehabilitation facility in the area where they treat all sorts of birds/animals. 


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  • Interesting, a few suggestions,
    not so sure a Peregrine, scroll within link for sounds....,(www.hbw.com/.../sounds)

    wonder if a Red Kite in distress

    Maybe the Local Oxford Birding groups could also help.


  • Just my two cents, there is a pub called the Trout in/near Oxford that keeps Peacocks...