Wader with yellow legs near mouth of River Hamble

I spotted this wader at SU488053 near the mouth of the river last Sunday afternoon. I was on the other side of the water to the south east of the grid reference - some distance away, so these pictures were the best I could get.

It seemed approximately Redshank sized, but does not seem to match any of the birds in my book.

Any ideas?  

  • Hi Matthew, this is a Redshank in winter plumage, probably a sub-adult judging by the legs although having said that, leg colour can be a bit variable and strong sunlight also can make them appear more orangey yellow
  • Yes - that makes sense. In fact I have now noticed my book says they can have yellow legs. Thanks, Matthew
  • So, all someone needs to do now is to find whoever it was that had the great idea of calling a bird with yellow legs a Redshank. Anyone have any idea who it was?


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