Unidentified Gull Filey Brigg today

Saw this gull from Filey Brigg (North Yorkshire) lunchtime today (1pm). On closer inspection I noticed the bill looks slightly different (no red spot etc), and the eye also appears black. Is it just a bird changing from Summer to Winter colouring etc?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Andy C

  • It's a sub-adult gull - the very last bit before true adulthood. When they are younger they have black bills and this is often one of the last things to change as it progresses to adult plumage/colour. You'll see it's beak not only lacks the red spot, but it is very pale and still has some black marks. Because it isn't fully adult, I wouldn't use leg colour to identify it either. It's one of the Black-backs but I won't hazard a guess which without some size reference. Someone might be able to tell you if it is Great or Lesser eg from beak size, but not me.


    Nige   Flickr

  • Thanks Nige, that explains it.