Bird sound at night

im hearing an unusual bird call at night. I live in a rural village in Suffolk which is surrounded by farmland and the A14 is near by. The bird call is a bit like a mechanical sheep. Now when looking up information on google about this bird call, most say it’s a snipe, which I understand to be a wetland bird, not one to really hang around farmland or on top of roofs. If anyone can suggest what else it could be, I’d appreciate it. I don’t think I’d be able to record it as the sound is quite high up, but it is very regular. Thanks for the help.

  • Hi Arwen, sorry no one has replied but I think we are going to be struggling without a recording of some sort. I must admit I don't know what a "mechanical" sheep sounds like. Any further information you can supply would be helpful. For instance, does the bird sound if it's flying about or is it coming from one place? 



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