Feather identification please

Found in Weston-s-Mare, North Somerset, UK. Lots of seagulls around but doesn't seem to match even the juveniles and Google's no help.

Thanks :)

  • I'd normally get my books out euryleia, but I'm pretty busy today (and there's, anyway, no guarantee that would be a help).
    Here (http://featherguide.org/) are a bunch of links that you might like to browse through; at least one (in German) has some form of pick-and-mix identification feature.
    Do please post what you find, even if it's inconclusive.
    As an aside, it would be great to see more feather discussions on these forums (perhaps a, say, 'Traces' forum, where posters can discuss calls, feathers, and other (more pungent) traces when they haven't actually seen the bird or animal).
    We had a Swift expert over to the house earlier in the week, and in just a few minutes I learned a great deal about Swift droppings; very helpful in identifying nesting sites, which we're currently engaged in.

    All the best -
  • I'm wondering given the colour could it be a Barn Owl.

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