Osprey wing feather?


Found near the river Findhorn in Moray Scotland. Many thanks!

  • Don't know how much variation there is in practice, but one of my books (Die Federn der Vögel Mitteleuropas) has a very similar, c. 30cm feather as H10 of an Osprey.

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  • Thanks Dave. Is the pattenig similar? The images I have found online seem to show a more striped pattern than this feather but also v similar. However I don’t know what other birds of prey might be alternative options...
  • The patterning's very similar Lynton. The only variation I can see is that the slightly darker area at the top of, let's call it the 'shoulder' of the feather---the white area between your thumb and forefinger in the picture---is slightly larger, travelling further down the shaft towards its base.

    Not conclusive, I know. But hopefully you'll have other, more authoritative, answers today.

    Beautiful feather by the way...
  • Just took a look at Feathers (Marian Cieslak and Bolestaw Dul) (thus exhausting my collection) for comparison. P9 and P10 of an Osprey aren't bared, although the other primaries are. 

    But in that book there's a lot less white on both than in your picture.

    Interesting that the books vary between them, which suggests to me a fair amount of variation across birds. But I'm definitely an amateur at this.

    Thanks for posting. Thanks to you I've just found, slipped inside the cover of Feathers, a Great Spotted Woodpecker feather I found a few years ago. Nice way to start the day.

  • Thanks very much Dave! Really appreciate your help. It really is beautiful!
  • Didn't know they were fingered like some raptor primaries daunker?
  • I stand corrected! Apologies :)
  • :-) I'm, daunker, the last person to correct you (or anyone). But I think gull feathers are blunt tipped. (Where are the experts when you need them?)