My brother and I have been hunting buzzards with cameras, we saw one bird that was messing with buzzards it had similar colours but half the tail length, I'm in an area where sea-eagle frequents, I wonder if this is it.. This is a screencapture on ph

  • It's not a Sea Eagle - you wouldn't be asking the question if it was a Sea Eagle, they're huge & difficult to get confused with anything else.  To give you an idea of size, this is a Sea Eagle being pestered by a Hooded Crow.  Do you have a better image on the camera?  Can't make out much detail from your screen grab...


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  • I have actual pictures from canon bridge camera and videos I will upload to you tube later after editing out profanities this evening and share link here. I saw a Sea Eagle last year I thought it was a paragliger or Mothman until it flew into the conifers.
  • Found a picture. it appears to be a buzzard with its tail feathers missing.