Willow or Marsh

Help please enjoy watching birds but far from an expert! Is this a Marsh Tit or Willow Tit and how do you tell?

  • Morning Stoney,
    The only luck I've ever had separating them is by their call (although others more experienced will certainly know more).
    Did you hear the bird by any chance?

    All the best -
  • Hi Dave
    No haven’t heard them I will try and record a song if I hear it !
  • Hi Stoney,
    That might help. Good luck with that.
  • Like Dave says the best way to tell them apart is the song however from the picture I would be leaning towards marsh tit. Marsh tits have a slightly smaller head, have less clean white cheeks, have a slightly glossy head and lack a pale strip on the secondaries (although this is hard to see due to the way the birds positioned)
  • Impossible to be sure from the photos I'm afraid.

    Not sure I've heard either sing. Your best bet is the call. Pitchoo type call of marsh tit. Law of averages points to marsh as well, but depends where in the country (assuming you're UK) you are. In a few areas, willow is more likely. There is a bit of overlap, but hopefully you are in an area where it's either/or.
  • Hi everyone thanks for your help I live in East Hampshire here’s a photo of its back if that helps.
    Quite reassuring that I’m not the only one who doesn’t know the difference !
  • Hi,

    Where is this 'back on' photo? n.b. there is a difference between knowing the difference and being able to make out the difference.

    Got to admit, my knowledge of Hants away from the Poole area is very, very limited/non existent. However, I don't know of it being a good area for willow tits. Southern England is far more marsh tit likely.

    As prev, probably the best way to know for sure is to listen for the marsh tit call as it's more reliable than contributors on here, incl me, no matter how good the photos are.
  • How do I add another photo to this post ?
  • Thanks. I still think it's marsh, but photo doesn't prove it.