Request for advice - Bird calling every night dusk TIL dawn - so is it a recording of a Cetti’s warbler?

  • A lovely person from xeno-canto suggested it’s a Cetti’s warbler but agrees it could be a recording.
    Location is Winchelsea Beach East Sussex, right outside my window somewhere.
    Anyone here in the U.K. have any advice please?
    Nb. Background noise is marsh frogs, knocking sound is not the bird.
  • I would also say definitely a Cetti's Warbler which has such a distinct sound; I have heard before at dawn and dusk in fading light as well as during the daytime so hope it was the bird and not someone playing an applet tape lure. I heard a cuckoo sound at the end of February but knew it almost certainly it had to be someone playing the sound on their mobile !


    Regards, Hazel 

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  • BeeTrew, good morning.

    Many, many years ago, there was a controversy surrounding the Rolling Stones. It was suggested, following an analysis of the opening bars of one of their songs played at different tour locations, that they were not playing the song live but were using playback.

    My take on the story was that any four guys (or women) who have played, say, Satisfaction, a million or more times together will be able to reproduce it almost identically and fool any such analysis (and anyway, back then everyone in the industry knew who was using playback (stand up Ms. Ciccone) and who wasn't).

    The entire call for 2m 27s sounds, to me, identical, the only differences being the occasional absence of the first 'note' and the occasional variation of the pause between the first note and the cluster.

    I don't hear Cetti's every day (far from it), but when I have had the pleasure of hearing them every day, they've never been so consistent (unlike the Stones). So I'd say that's playback.

    But would be happy to be disagreed with...

    All the best -


  • In reply to HAZY:

    Having looked up Applet tape lure (thank you - I had no idea)...I have contacted the RSPB for advice and was passed to a wildlife officer...they agree it’s a Cetti’s warbler (I got that identification from Xeno-Canto...brilliant organisation/website) but don’t think it’s a lure as Cetti’s aren’t used in that way. Here’s hoping.
    I actually just want it to stop now as I’d like to sleep at night. I’d also like to hear some other night birds.
    Your photographs are a gift to all who view - thank you for the link.