• Yes, the holes would mean the food has gone. There isn't a timescale to say whether the garden hole filling is daily. Even if it is, a fox won't necessarily leave food buried for days. On Monday, we watched a fox at the patio door take crispy chicken skins away. I noticed it coming back too quickly for the next one so went upstairs. I saw it amongst my newly emerged potatoes. I felt the urge to go outside to check the damage. It was getting dark so covered the damaged area with wire and left the rest til morning. No skin there when I filled it all back in, so some buried food doesn't even stay buried for a night.

    I might be wrong, but can't think of anything more plausible unless it something obvious like cat. I am sure the poster would be able to work that out though.

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    Will certainly get a photo it’s a large hole it’s against a fence with mesh it’s only only 2 metres heigh so I would of thought this animal would of be able to jump or even clim over it really intrigued To find out we live in a main road so there’s no woodland near by
  • Tara, I have it on reliable authority that badgers are consumate climbers. As in 5 or six metres in seconds.

    Nothing conclusive, of course, but...

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  • Not a fox burying stuff then. Rat is now my suspicion.
  • Interesting!

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    Hazel in the Gironde estuary, France

  • Clearly, without the photo evidence, this is unsolvable.

    However, for anyone who doesn't know or agree with fox holes where food had been buried, a vixen has kindly provided me with another example which I have taken a couple of photos of as evidence of my own. As previous, it was crispy chicken skin that was taken and buried (in daylight) yesterday evening about 8:30pm. Gone this morning, and photo taken this lunchtime.

    If the hole is like this, it's back with my fox food burying theory. If the hole by the fence is going somewhere though, e.g. under the fence. I'll stick with it being a rat for Tara's example. 

    Here is the fox created hole.