Some larger animal keeps digging in the same spot in my garden. I keep filling the hole but it keeps coming back why is this ? And  what could it be ?

  • When you say larger animal, what size? Rabbit, mole?

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  • I would say a lot larger badger or fox size but it keeps returning
  • If it is fairly loose soil/compost, I suggest a fox using the area to store food. E.g. If someone is feeding foxes, food is often taking away and buried.
  • Any chance of a photo? Where do you live, UK? Abroad? Town? Country?

    Best wishes

    Hazel in the Gironde estuary, France

  • Morning Tara; morning all.
    Has anyone else heard, or had the experience that, badgers dig in long channels?

  • Got badgers here, Dave, but they tend to make small holes either in the lawn to get worms out, or in borders to get tulip bulbs out....

    The fact the 'culprit' in this example has returned, suggests burying/retrieval......unless it's simply a cat deciding to use the area as a litter tray, which I'm assuming would have been worked out....
  • Thanks for that Robbo. Good to know.

    Can't remember where the long channels idea came from. I *think* from some form of badger group/trust in the UK; at some point we thought we were... being visited.

    A photo from Tara would, indeed, help. We have a similar problem. But here it's the national provider doing and redoing fibre optics. I know it's not badger as they drive vans.

    All the best -
  • Yes, we have quite a few holes like that here at the moment. Most are thankfully by the roadside though.

    Re badgers, nearer or at setts, your channel idea might be valid. I don't know.
  • Thank you. I confess that whenever I'm close to a set I can't work out *what* they're doing. I'm just stunned by the scope of the digging.
  • We get wild boar digging holes & also martens that dig out mouse nests, which is why I asked where they lived.
    I doubt it's a case of fox burying stuff as Tara say's she has to go around filling in the holes, which indicates they are empty.

    Best wishes

    Hazel in the Gironde estuary, France