Duck sounding call... bird of prey neath

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    I've just listened to your recording on the other thread - no idea whatsoever, sorry...
  • Apart from the bill (yellow rather than black) it sounds like it could be a Harris hawk.  Search for Parabuteo unicinctus on xeno canto... or this video on youtube:

    They do look sort of eagle-y...

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    Hi Chris,

    Sorry not to have replied sooner – I wasn’t sure how to!  But have, as you can see now worked it out!

    Many thanks for listening and trying to work out what it could be.  Strange isn’t it!  No its not like an eagle.. I think it’s more like a crow….  I am now wondering if it is just a crow with a mutant call! J The 3 or 4 calls in succession is similar, but of course my mystery bird is much more melodic/’sweet toned’.

    Whatever it is, it’s still in the large trees nearby, moves around – and was also in our area last summer as well as this one.

    Really strange isn’t it!

    Best wishes


  • Hi all!
    I am not a birder per-se but I came to this site/thread with a similar question.

    I know the Common Raven has already been suggested but I thought this was relevant.

    Today I observed a Raven and at least 2 Buzzards wheeling above Bubbenhall Woods (Warwickshire) for the duration of our visit. They seemed to be happily sharing the same airspace although I am sure I saw a minor mid-air altercation.