Garden warbler/Blackcap/Other? (Sound only)

Voice 001.m4a

Hi, a short clip of what I believe is one of the above singing from 9/4/19.

I initially thought garden warbler but it was suggested that it was too early. There were lots of blackcaps singing in the area, but none of them made their loud song like this.

Within wet woodland in Norfolk.

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  • I'm not an expert, but would say it has what I would describe as the Blackcap's signature, Matt.

    Others will, no doubt, disagree.

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  • I'm going to have to agree with Dave, Blackcap for me too.

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  • Hmmm, I'm not so sure. I do find the songs of these two species tricky to separate especially early in the season when my ear is not tuned in. It is early for Garden Warblers but there have been at least two reports on my patch. 

    I've always thought that the song of the GW is a bit more rapid, less flutey and goes on longer than the Blackcap. Here's a couple of clips.


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    Garden Warbler

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    Matt, I think I would just about favour Garden Warbler for your bird but I could easily be wrong.

    This video from the BTO is worth a look as it does discuss their songs too.



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  • Thanks for your opinions chaps, I'll leave the jury out for now, i certainly wouldn't consider the song flutey - the blackcaps in the area all sound like the recording Tony linked above. I've not heard the bird since but I'll keep an eye/ear out.
  • I would be leaning towards Garden Warbler as well, but as everone has said, not an easy one given the date of the recording. I always feel Blackcap is somewhat more 'rounded' and 'pure' if that makes sense to anyone.

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  • I guess I just have a rare case of an extra roundedness/flutiness receptor on one mv chromosomes. :-)