Can you identify?

This song is new in the area, and the bird is not visible as it is high in the trees. It makes 8 shrill chirps.

Sound attached.


  • Hi themonk,
    Tricky one. It's got a tit like quality about it but I can't place it so I think it's probably something else.
    Whereabouts in the country do you live and what is the habitat like eg deciduous, coniferous?



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  • I agree with Tony about it being possibly a Tit member.       I would go for Blue Tit if compared to this sound -  start at the 46 second mark and blue tit.    


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  • In reply to TeeJay:

    Hi TeeJay, we live in Surrey, and the bird is in deciduous woodland
  • Thanks for the further info. Probably not anything too exotic then. There's a saying amongst birders that if there's a call you don't recognise it's probably a Great Tit as they have such a variety of songs and calls.

    I found one Great Tit song on xeno-canto which is not too dissimilar to yours.

    Peter Boesman, XC462704. Accessible at

    What do you think - could it be this? Great Tits are very vocal at the moment. Or maybe Hazy is right. Best I can come up with I'm afraid.



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  • For what it's worth I think Great Tit too, but can see why Hazel said Blue Tit.
    I heard one the other day with this call and thought it was a Blue Tit but when I looked up it was one of the Great Tits that come to me for food.

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  • Thanks all, I have listened to all of your audio suggestions and surmised it is a Great Tit too.