Is THIS a blackcap? (Got one wrong yesterday!)

  • Yes and its a male. Well done :)




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  • I agree with Bob, that one is definitely a Blackcap.
    If you get the chance, listen to it as well when you see one, as it will sound completely different to any of the tit species … even I can tell and I'm rubbish at bird song, but many warblers, like Blackcaps are actually quite easy to tell apart by their song, so give it a go and you'll soon start to pick a few up.


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  • Agree that it's a male Blackcap and also with Nigel that the song's very distinctive. It (to me, always) contains one distinctive pattern, which I personally always memorise as 'I'm going home again (I'm going now)'.
    'Our' male's singing that in the garden this morning.
    (Anyone have sure fire way of separating Blackcap and Garden Warbler songs? The latter always sound to me like they're in a bit of a rush... interesting link here:

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  • Well done, Kevin, you're getting there. I heard several singing around my patch yesterday. Keep an eye out for the female which has a tan coloured crown.



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