Rook raven or crow? Unusually white tips

Recently spotted in my local sainsburys car park in a rural area close to a slightly wooded area.

I would say it's almost 15 maybe 20 cm in height and is jet black apart from some white flecks in its tail.

Long, thick but slightly curved beak.

Very dark grey, almost black legs.

Lots of tufty, fluffy feathers sticking out. Not sure if this makes it juvenile or not. But would hate to think its because its ill. Was struggling slightly in the wind....then again who isn't?

Few people have mentioned it could be a rook, crow or raven. Would love to find out.

  • Hi Schivers
    I know size can be misleading when there is nothing around it for scale.
    I've just looked on my bird app for sizes
    Raven 62-65 cm
    Crow 45-47 cm
    Rook 44-46 cm
    Blackbird 24-25 cm
    The white flecks on the tail could be Leucism where birds get patches of white on them.

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  • Probably unhelpful (certainly inconclusive) input but we have had a lot of leucism (irregularly over a period of 11 or so years) here and the colouring and patterning can be (as Alan points out) quite striking (and more than a bit, for us, confusing).
  • I think a Raven turning up in a Sainsbury car park would be pretty unusual although one can never say never. A Carrion Crow is the most likely being scavengers which will eat almost anything. A Rook although less likely can't be ruled out.

    A photo of a Crow with partial leucism can be seen HERE. It's not my photo so I can't post it directly, only provide a link. 

    Here's a photo of a Rook which is mine. They have a slimmer and more curved pointy bill than a Crow. One of the most notable features is the crusty area at the base of the bill.

    Hopefully this will help you decide what you saw.



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  • Its definitely a crow! That link was brilliant and identical to the one I saw.

    Very helpful, thank you all. Xx