Can anyone identify this please?

This morning I got a glimpse of a bird of prey, but i am unsure what it was. I was travelling through the peak district on a bus and it flew just above my bus and glided slowly across the fields on my right just a few feet from the ground, when I lost sight of it, due to traveling. It was a dull day so i only saw the top of it which was dark, it had broad wings that were somewhere between 6 and 7ft in length. It seemed to fly like a buzzard, although it appeared much bigger, probably red kite size yet it's colouring didn't stand out nor did it's fork tail. So I'm unsure, anyone have any ideas? 

  • Hi Steven welcome to the community.
    One thing I have learnt while being on here and interested in bird watching is size is very hard to judge especially when there is nothing in view to compare it with,
    If you are right in the wingspan size and it's not a Kite I would think you are looking at Eagle size wings, there will be Ospreys knocking about now coming back from migration that has around 5ft wingspan but without a photo it may go unanswered for definite.

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