Are these Dunnock?

Sorry about the shoddy pics - they were about 8 metres up a tre and it was blowing a hooley... They look like they might be Dunnock to me but also seem a bit different to others that I've taken that are much more clearly Dunnock.

  • Hi Andy, Not a Dunnock but looks more like a Redpoll (which are part of the finch family) in last photo to me but wait for others opinion.


    Regards, Hazel 

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  • I wonder if the first two photos are Siskin..but I'm on a bad run of ID,ing stuff at the minute LOL.

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  • First 2 look a bit more like female Siskin but the 3rd one does look more like Hazel's suggestion of a Redpoll. Habitat and behaviour looks good for both species.




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  • Hi all thanks for the help... All the birds were together in a group of about 8 to 10. Would Siskin and Redpoll group together? The woodland is mixed pine and (mostly silver birch) deciduous with a lot of rhododendron low down. There's also lots of water (lakes/old gravel pits and bog) in the immediate area if that helps narrow things down?
  • Hi Andy yep you will get mixed flocks of Siskin, Redpolls and Goldfinches all feeding together.
    It looks like they are feeding on Alder seeds.

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  • In reply to HAZY:

    Thanks Hazy - good to get your doubts confirmed and to know what it's not...
  • In reply to Alan.:

    Thanks Alan - every day's a school day for me... I think you're right on the Alder - there are still quite a lot in this woodland and also willow overhanging the water but sadly the oak, elm and sweet chestnut that thrived there when I was a lad have mostly vanished over the years...
  • Siskins are a pretty small bird and slender in the body.
    The top 2 birds seem quite rounded, and look nothing like the Siskins I have been watching this afternoon in my garden. I suppose if they are huddled up while feeding they will look a more rounded bird.

    Richard G B