Can you help identify this duck/goose please?

I saw this bird on the Thames near Old Windsor last week.  Is one of its wings damaged?  It's a bit larger than a mallard. Unusual black and white colouring on face.  Many thanks. Peter C

  • Hi Peter

    It's basically a domesticated Mallard which is somewhat unkindly referred to as a Manky Mallard. As you will see they can come in all shapes, sizes and colours as a result of selective breeding. The curly tail is a good indication of its Mallard origins.

    It does appear to have a damaged wing. I did wonder whether its got a condition known as Angel Wing which is a deformity believed to be caused by consuming too much bread which not good for ducks or geese in large quantities. Hard to be sure though.



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  • Many thanks, Tony. That's really helpful.

    Following your Manky Mallard link, the first image is very much like the duck I saw. Thanks also for highlighting the curly tail. That's really helpful.

    I'll keep my eyes open for other Manky Mallards now!

    Best wishes,