Is this a bird?

I’m based near Doncaster and was in the garden around 7:45 this morning and I could hear this whistle (almost sounds like a whistling toy), is this a bird and if so what is it likely to be? There’s just fields out the back and very rarely people.

Thank you in advance for your help! 

  • Hiya, sounds like a goldfinch to me.
  • Hello Dagallagher,

    Is it the chatter in the foreground or the long whistle in the background that you're interested in?

    All the best - 


  • Hi Dave,

    It’s the long whistle just at the end that I’m interested in.

    I could hear it again later in the day with what sounded like a bit of a harsher call also.

  • Hi Deb,
    I wondered if it was that that caught your ear.
    Smarter people than me might be able to help you out here; only one whistle makes it a bit hard... it would help to know how regularly and if it's just one at a time (or that kind of thing would help me).
    Also, what's the terrain like. Any water around. Kind of thing.
  • Thanks Dave,

    I do have a longer video but it’s too big to be uploaded. It was a couple of calls close together then a longer gap before it called again.

    We’re on the edge of a town and there’s a few miles of open fields which aren’t farmed on going offf behind us. Admittedly I’ve not been outside that much with the weather but we’ve been here since November and I’ve not heard it before
  • Oh there is a lake about half a mile or so across the houses with ducks, swans, geese and Canada Geese. But it’s the opposite direction to where this bird was
  • Thank *you* Deb.
    I'm marking time here hoping you'll get better birders than me on board.
    If it was in flight, is a Common Buzzard possible (hard to tell from the recording; and not sure if they're around your way)?
  • Its appreciated!

    I’m up in South Yorkshire, we do have some birds of prey but not sure about buzzards. I’m not great with birds but I do like to know what’s in the area if I can and the call was so unusual.
  • Hi Deb
    To put a longer video on here you have to upload it to youtube first and then link it into here, it saves space on the servers.
    It could be something like a Starling they have loads of different calls and sounds, almost sounds like a Buzzard too.

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  • Where in South Yorkshire are you Deb, we certainly get Buzzards here.

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