I need help identifying a one time visitor to our garden. Have tried to google it, but had no success.

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    I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a blackbird , there were others nearby and the shape and size just looked different especially in the face. I’m hoping he/she will be back .... camera ready
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    Fingers-crossed that you get a shot, Annie, it will be interesting to see it.
  • Hi Annie , I’ve just joined the community as I’d seen your post whilst trying to identity a bird I saw near Nottingham yesterday , I think it sounds like yours. I’ got a photo as my husband was driving , it’s not great but if it is I’d love to know what it was . 

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    Hi Lynne welcome to the community from Sheffield.
    Your bird is a Fieldfare, a winter visitor from Scandanavia,

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    Good morning Alan , thank you so much for replying , I’ll check out Fieldfares later , regards lynn
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    Hello Lynn, welcome also from me up in the very far north of Scotland, in Caithness. Enjoy being here.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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    At least you got a pic...wish I had The bird I saw was entirely the colour of your birds head, someone suggested it might be a mutation ... if that’s the case,it may well have been a Fieldfare . I’ve trawled the Internet for something that looked like it...best I remember,thought at the time it almost looked jay like... and haven’t found anything . So unless it comes back, I’m going with probably Fieldfare..
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    Hi Annie , I thought jay too , I wasn’t sure if maybe females were drab looking until I checked ! Think I have a long way to go with my bird knowledge , hope it returns so you get your photo .
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    Thank you for the hello !