Seen on common land near High Wycombe. Not sure what type of Buzzard this is, any ideas?

  • Well I'll have first shot at this (not literally, of course) and suggest a juvenile common buzzard

  • What a beautiful raptor,  I'm no expert Rose but my initial guess is Common Buzzard (pale variant)  although it's possible it could have a touch of leucism.    The colourings can vary between common buzzards from quite dark to the pale variant plumage.   Hopefully Robbo or Seymouraves may see this post and give you a definitive answer.      


    Regards, Hazel 

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  • I agree with common buzzard, and with it being one of this year's young. Yellow eye would be a major factor in that opinion. No tail band either.

  • All, thank you for taking the time to respond. I am now a little bit wiser. Rose.

  • As Hazy says it looks like a pale Common Buzzard,they do vary  quite a bit in colour. At this time of year Rough Legged Buzzard sometimes visit the UK but I do not think this bird is a Rough Legged,quite happy to be proved wrong of course.


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