Twite? Not quite!

Just seen a bird that looks similar to this image of a twite.

But I can't imagine it was. I'm in South West Wales. I was walking along a heath/moor type landscape with a lake and lots of heather type flora all around. It flew onto a branch a meter away from me so I got an incredibly good look at it up close. Fat and small, sparrow sized. A finch like light yellow beak, a buff/brown colour all over with lots of fine light brown / grey stripes running from the head all through the body. Very faint lines, lots of them all over. Like the image of a Twite above, but not like the videos of a twite I have seen.

It flew off in front of me and had a black tail with white either side of the tail feathers, which is more chaffinch like. I know chaffinches, and this didn't seem like one at all as it had no distinguishing patterns on the face, apart from all the fine grey/light brown stripes.

It might have been a redpoll of sorts, or a linnet? - but it had no red at all. More of a yellowy appearance.

The area doesn't seem right for a twite.

Any ideas?