Newbie Seeking Help (Birds of Prey)

Hello All,

I am a new community member and a relevantly new bird watcher and have been struggling to confirm what some birds I have captured with the camera (badly) are. I am hoping someone will be able to put me out my misery and know what I am looking at. As the file uploader on the community isn't great I have uploaded them to this dropbox folder which anyone can view

To help out all these were shot last week of October 2017. Photo 1 was on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula in Scotland just off one of the roads somewhere near Ardgour. Photo 2 was shot at the Ardnamurchan Lighthouse. Photo's 3-9 if I remember rightly was on Mull. Photo's 10 and 11 definitely were shot on Mull. 

I believe that photo's 1, 10 and 11 are Buzzards. Photo 2 is possibly a Merlin. Photo's 3-9 I have no idea what it could be.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and thank you in advance for the help. 


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