Two More Gulls, Young This Time

So, deleting the photos of gulls wheeling around, I noticed these two young 'uns, and couldn't decide what they were...

Any guidance gratefully received... The bills are throwing me...  (there's birds there - and some  are actually sharp!)


  • Top one looks like a common gull (possibly) with the dark ring around the beak which can appear in winter... perhaps first or second winter bird?

    Second one, I'm not sure because it looks like it may be the same species as the first, but may not be.  The young common gulls always seem to have the black on the bill, but it is variable, so the clear yellow may still be common gull (as with adult).

  • In reply to Chris B:

    We need a gull specialist here (maybe Roy W?) - young gulls give me a headache and I still don't get them right. However I noticed the pink legs on both photos so I would venture to say Herring / Black Back.

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