Squirrels. To feed or not to feed

I get quite a lot of squirrels in my garden, and as you can see they go to a lot of trouble to eat the peanuts. My wife likes to watch their antics, but what do we think, should we encourage them or not?

There are 9000 species of bird on earth. Let's keep it that way.

  • Hi baines

    Personally I wouldn't encourage squirrels. They will destroy feeders with plastic parts.

    As you can probably imagine this topic has been covered plenty of times before, so this is the search result for Squirrels threads that will give you plenty of information to consider.

    Please may I just add that it is very dangerous for birds to use suet/fat balls with plastic nets on them as they get their feet stuck in the netting and can lose toes and feet as a result. The recommendations are that suet/fat balls should be placed in special suet ball feeders without the nets.

    Best wishes Chris

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    Thanks, Woodpecker. I have heard recently about the problem with fat balls in plastics nets, but to be fair I have been using them a long time and never noticed a problem. To be on the safe side though, I will take your advice and get a feeder as you recommend. Thanks.

    There are 9000 species of bird on earth. Let's keep it that way.

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    I have two grey squirrels visiting and obtain a great deal of enjoyment from them. I think grey squirrels sometimes get a really bad press because of the impact on red squirrels. Personally I place the blame for that where it belongs...........people interfering too much.

    Woodpecker is quite right about the feeders though and I just put nuts on the birdtables for them and I have never had a problem.

    If you enjoy the squirrels, I can't see any problem with continuing to feed them and enjoy them.


    Kind regards Jane.

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      while you are feeding birds you will atract squrrels if they are in the area but can prove to be a pest.

     suggest a feeder that is sqirrel proof and one for the squrrel but try to keep the squrrels away from the house as they will nest in attics aqnd roof spaces.

       Enjoy them but be prepared to hate them




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    I love all the animals and I love the visiting squirrels and of course little Hamish is still holding the Fort, attacking any of the other squirrels that come near the garden. The other day he leapt onto poor little Nutmeg, and the snarls from him were horrible, I mean from Hamish! However I don't interfere because they are wild animals and they just have to do what they do. Hamish is very aggressive and territorial. A little red head and a bully even chases birds if he's in a really bad mood! Haha I admit that I have become a bit attached to him. I love watching him eating and drinking from the little water bowl I have put on the step for him. He is a bit of a character but adorable and cute. I love him.
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    A squirrel Feeder is a very good idea, I have one. Once they learn how to use it and open the lid to get their food you will usually find that they will not touch the bird food. I feed the birds and squirrels. I'm an animal lover. As long as they have plenty of food that they like then all the little critters will get fed and be happy