Ravens in my garden now. Are they scaring robins, dunnocks and wrens from eating bird food in my garden now? How can they return?

  • Got to admit, I am more interested in the I.D. Guessed solutions to guessed facts is never going to be much help. We will never know. 

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    Robbo said:
    Guessed solutions to guessed facts is never going to be much help

    Because Daniera will do something different if it's, say, a Carrion Crow?

    You've lost me Robbo, sorry.

    "I'm not sure if I should dispose of the suet cake and logs as irs been almost 2 weeks plus its raining quite heavily where I live."

    "This is my first time attracting birds into my garden."

  • We will never know as question was posted over10 days ago.

    My 'guess' comment isn't just about ravens. Could be jackdaws but we will never know. But, we would be guessing about the garden. We would also be assuming that birds have been scared away, which is also a guess. Unless a photo or two is provided, it is guessing. For example, it is easy to attract small birds into a garden. My current one for example. It was nigh on impossible to do so in a garden where I once lived.
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    You're right. I'm sure, Robbo.

    I had guessed that Daniera's post was a genuine request for advice from people with, perhaps, more experience than her. And that she didn't care what the larger birds were. And that that didn't, actually, matter, or have much bearing on the help she could get here.

    My mistake.

    All the best -
  • No one, incl you, gave an answer. That suggests more info or facts were required.

    Seymour responded to the post two days after it was written. That appears to have been ignored. As has subsequent posts, incl yours.

    IMO, it doesn't matter how inexperienced someone is. If more information is sought, to help inform, that seems reasonable.

    You pointed out bird species wasn't relevent, but then didn't provide any answers. Did you therefore need more information too?
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    Robbo said:
    Did you therefore need more information too?

    No Robbo I didn't; I was waiting for the original poster's reply (a confirmation that they were still there) and was going to briefly share my personal experience of Corvids cohabiting gardens with smaller birds, which I hoped would be helpful to the poster.

    I was also hoping that someone (more experienced than I) would give advice on when to change the food that the original poster had put out: another question from the OP.

    The fact that this almost certainly wasn't Ravens was irrelevant, to me, and probably to the OP. As I tried, gently, to suggest.

    I won't do either of those things now because (a) you're almost definitely right, and the original poster had gone for good, and (b) these kinds of conversations, like the one we have apparently slid into here, simply do nothing for me at all.

    So, as I've done on other threads in the past (I begin to see a pattern here), I'll turn off notifications on this thread now. And won't answer posts like this in future, as that works best for me.

  • Hi all it is Daniera. I'd like to apologise for not responding. I've had to create another account because my original one si not workoing for some reason. I've tried to reset my password and still nothing.
    I wasn't replying because I did not receive any sort of notification from you all. I was not ignoring anyone.

    I';m going to read the replies now and reply. Please forgive me once again for going MIA. I genuinely did not know I had replies to my question,

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    Hi Seymourraves,

    please accept severe apologies for my late reply. I didn't receive any notifications of my post for some reason. I've had to create a new login id as my old daniera one is not allowing me to log in or reset my password.

    Yes , a raven came about 30 minutes ago onto my garden fence at about 1.30pm Tuesday 2nd February.

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    Hi Robbo, I've just replied to the post, i've uploaded pictures onto Seymour raves post.

    I wasn't able to reply earlier as I did not receive any notification on my original account and i cannot login to my Daniera orginal for some reason.

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    Hi Robbo,

    I just replied with the pictures to Seymourraves. I had to create a new account as my old one did not notify me of any replies to this post and I also can no longer log into it for some reason or reset the password.