Goldfinches consuming sunflower hearts at alarming rate

Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone had any good tips to slow my usual group of goldfinches down? I'm currently using a robin feeder with a perspex cover that the blue tits visit when the goldfinches are sat at my main feeder, but would like an alternative to try and make the sunflower hearts last a bit longer. If I were to get a nyjer seed feeder and nyjer seed, would they go through that slower and prefer that? 


  • Hi Greg I would try a sunflower heart feeder to try and slow them down, they do a mesh one what the birds cling to or you could try a normal seed feeder.
    People have different results with Nyger, some find they love them but others say they don't touch them.

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  • Oh and you will need trays attached to the feeders to stop the mess on the floor.

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  • I have a Niger feeder the size of a normal seed feeder and a sunflower heart feeder, half the size again and they can empty both in two days, if I am lucky!! That is a long with peanuts and fat cakes and balls!!

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