how to get rid of suet ball waste on gravel

Hi there,

We newly have a garden, so set up a bird feeder, I'm feeding seeds, peanuts, mealworms and suet balls.

Unfortunately, the messy starlings have been spraying crumbs of suet all over the gravel, and it's all a bit gooey now.

Any tips for getting rid of suet ball waste? Can I just go out with a few kettles of hot water or will that make things worse?

  • Hello, the Starlings are messy eaters, it is easier if you can, to hang the fat ball feeders in amongst shrubs/trees where you can and hoe the ground, but if not you could clean the gravel with hot water and hoe it aboutor  you could shovel up the gravel, clean it in a bucket, then drain away the water and waste fat ball.

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