Am I putting too much out?

Hi All,

I am fairly new to wild bird feeding and just wanted to make sure I am doing everything correctly. I have three bird feeders, one is for peanuts, one for seed and one for fat balls. The peanuts don't go down to quickly so I am not concerned about them however the fat ball and seed feeders are completely empty when I fill them up the following afternoon. This means the birds are going through around 4 fatballs every day and a full feeder of seed mix.  I just wanted to make sure that I am not overfeeding them etc.

Thank you 


  • They will eat all you offer them Samuel ... keep an eye on the peanuts as they go mouldy quite quickly, maybe only put a few out at a time!


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  • I stopped feeding the birds in my garden for several years as it was heartbreaking when they fell victim to my neighbors cat who would leave their little bodies in my garden for me to find.
    At the start of lockdown I began feeding them again as the cat is no longer around and I was able to keep a lookout for other cats visiting the garden.
    At the beginning I was having to refill the feeders daily but it has slowed down now and it’s more like every 3rd day.
    Although I am seeing just as many if not more birds in the garden.