Some birds species visiting only once, the GSW hasn't returned... Where do they go?

I have a feeding station with sunflower hearts, fat balls, suet bells, soaked mealworms and peanuts as well as two bird baths. I have seen goldfinches and long-tailed tits venture down to feed once - the goldfinches in particular fly above my garden every day. We saw a juvenile greater spotted woodpecker a few days ago on the fat balls, but it got spooked by our refurbishing neighbours and hasn't been back since... (I put out peanuts yesterday in a mesh feeder to see if it would come back but nope). Patience is a virtue, and I understand many birds are busy nesting etc but surely the juvenile GSW should be around, and I hear they don't go too far from their birthplace - am I doing something wrong? (we do have loud neighbours on all sides sometimes during nice weather, and we live in sub-urban London, our regulars don't seem to mind the noise, even the shy coal tit, but I've been up at 7 and still not seen the GSW). Thank you, new to birding and bird feeding - position my desk facing the garden so I'm on guard 24/7 haha!  

Our regulars are: the coal/great/blue tits, robins, starling and sparrow families as well as the chubby wood pigeons and magpies. 

  • I'm not a feeder of birds anymore. However, from my experience, GSWs are easily disturbed. Movement at a window is often enough to put them off. Also, juvenile woodpeckers seem to have a habit of flying across roads infront of cars. This is the time of year when quite a few recognisable bodies are on the roads. Obviously that's a worst case scenario. Noise or disturbance might be the most likely in your case. Time of year isn't the best for attracting and keeping birds at feeders.