Advice for new bird feeder

Good afternoon! I’ve recently put a bird feeding station in my garden but the birds are only eating the seeds and suet balls. I’ve had no takers on the peanuts and nyjer seed. Is there any other food I can use to attract more species as I only have sparrows and the odd pigeon at the moment. Thanks 

  • Hi Aimie

    You can find useful info here as it tells you which food is good for which season -

    Not 100% sure on peanuts but I know Nyjer seeds are particularly loved by Goldfinches as only a particular type of bill can fit and get them out. I can also recommend sunflower hearts, loved my a lot of species. Meal worms is another good and popular choice.

    Also, don't forget to put out water such as a bird bath!


  • Hey Aimie, Jack's advice is good, but another key ingredient is patience! We moved into our new house at the end of March, literally last moving day before lockdown, and last night we got our first pair of goldfinches feeding in the garden (sunflower hearts). Mealworms are a favourite, but can get expensive. This time of year is potentially bad feeding peanuts, as they can be a problem being swallowed by young/fledging birds
    Happy Watching :o)
  • Hi thanks for replying! I’ve just bought some sunflower hearts and put them on the feeder today so will see how that goes. I’ve had the nyjer seed feeder out for 2 weeks with no takers, I think I will take that one down. I’ve also given them mealworms and they love them more than suet balls! Still only sparrows though! Thanks again
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    They also love the bird bath!
  • Yep they will devour the meal worms very quickly. Re Nyjer seeds, I wouldn't give up that quickly, I've seen people say it can take months! Also I found a combination of sunflower and Nyjer has been good to attract Goldfinches.



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    Ok thanks I will put a fresh batch of nyjer seeds in and wait and see. I also just had my first Robin fly into my back garden! I put sunflower hearts on the bird table last night and half of them are gone this morning