Over feeding?

Hello I have small birds living near my garden. I recently put up a 500g wild bird feeder. As from pets shop.


I put it up 7 days ago and they have taken all off this and I filled with 350g of mealworms within the 7 days. Being inexperienced at feeding wild birds I wondered if they are just taking back to the nest and storing or if they all over indulging. 

I think the birds are either wrens or house sparrows. They chirp away loudly all day. It's quite relaxing. 

  • Hello Maddad, that is a lovely sparrow you have there. They do chirp and tweet away, when you have a bush full, they can make a mighty noise, but a nice one. They will be busy feeding their babies so that is where your food will be going. They will be feeding themselves as well.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • I wish I could find house sparrow noise 'relaxing'! Definitely a good trait to have, so I'm envious. Sparrows abruptly end my sleep each daybreak.....

    They eat anything and everything, and will also feed the youngsters anything.

    Wrens don't visit feeders and are insectivorous.
  • Thanks for replies. So shall i keep filling the feeder or try to limit quantity. I had about 7 or 8 in my garden on that feeder or below it catching the dropouts. They are extremely cautious little things.