small fledgling starling abandoned and not eating by itself

I have a small fledgling starling (I think). He’s been hopping around the garden for two days attempting to fly but only managing big flapping hops so far.

My main worry is that he’s alone. No parents are feeding him and he often sits in one spot for hours. When all the other adult starlings come down to eat and feed their young, he runs and cries but they ignore him and push him away. It’s heartbreaking. I even witnessed a jackdaw try to attack him this grabbed him by the leg. Luckily he survived the ordeal.

Has anyone any advice on whether starling fledging can feed themselves or whether he might start? The internet is a minefield of information so wanted genuine advice on here.

I will attach a picture so any experts might be able to advise his age? and if he is maybe out of the nest too early.  

Only positive is that he loves our water fountain and pond and seems to know to drink from there so maybe that’s keeping him alive right now. I’ve got seed and fat balls and softened mealworms all over the garden. He just doesn’t seem to peck at them.

  • Looks old enough. Lost feeding adult.....either abandoned or parent predated. As it is a weekend, can't suggest a solution.
  • In reply to Robbo:

    Thanks robbo, is it possible he might start to feed himself if he looks old enough?
    He’s goes to water and drinks ok. Just no evidence of him eating at all.
  • Sorry, I should have written a full sentence. I meant old enough to fledge in response to your comment about it maybe being out of the nest too early.

    Re feeding itself, there is no harm leaving a worm or similar near it, or near the water. If it's taking water, that might be a good sign re it being able to feed itself if given a hand. The ground is like conrete around here, and looks it in that photo.
  • Thanks for the reply. Yes the ground is terrible right now for the birds. We currently have the sprinkler on full power mist setting which will hopefully give all our local birds a helping hand.