Goldfinch caught on sunflower feeder.....

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Has anyone else had an issue with a goldfinch getting its' talon caught in our sunflower seed feeder. It's a standard wire mesh type but I've not seen this before. We freed the little guy and he seemed none the worse for it (flew off at a pace!) and had only been stuck for a few seconds. Bit worried now that this might happen when we're not watching....


  • Clearly that should say "a sunflower seed feeder", I'd be more than surprised if anyone had the same issue with our one!
  • I don't use wire mesh feeders for sunflower hearts. I prefer the tube feeders with ports and perches and I think the finches are more comfortable with those. I have used a wire mesh feeder for peanuts and fat balls but only the tits and occasionally woodpeckers use it. I've not had a problem with anything getting trapped.



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  • Only problem I know re mesh feeders is a great tit getting its foot trapped after a squirrel damaged some wire just above the base. As TJ said, tube feeders are probably the better option for sunflower seeds, and mesh ones for nuts.
  • I have a "squirrelproof" fat ball feeder with an outer and inner cage, and earlier this year I found an unfortunate sparrow dead with its head trapped in the inner cage. I've had the feeder for years and it seems to have been a freak accident: as the lower fat balls are eaten the upper ones slip down, and this one had landed on the bird's head and trapped it. No sure what it actually died of, but it was upsetting to find.
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    Sorry to hear that :-(
  • I think we'll change to a tube type feeder, we've had this mesh one for ages without any problems and it isn't damaged but I would rather not risk this happening again when we're not here.

    Cheers for your replies.
  • I have been using a mesh feeder for quite a few years now, with metal top and bottom for the sunflower hearts and have never had any problems with it, nor have I seen any bird injuries.

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    Yep, likewise, never seen any issues. I wonder if the bird was a juvenile and just got himself into a spot of trouble.....
  • Juvenile goodies look different to parents. They don't have red on the face.
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    Must have been an adult the. Feeder changed for a tube type, hopefully no more issues :-)