Advice about baby robins

Basically we have a pair of robins that nested in our giant conifers. We had some really windy weather over the last weekend so not sure if the babies possibly blew out of the nest early. 

But Monday afternoon we have a baby robin hopping all around our garden. Being fed, thank goodness, by both parents. But spending a lot of time alone just hopping all over. Not flying or attempting to fly. We have a dog so he has been banned from the garden since then.

Long story short, there’s a lot of cats around our area and we have even seen a hawk pick sparrows out our trees earlier this month so we weren’t holding much hope for this little floor bound baby. However Tuesday morning he was still hopping aroind. So happy he survived the night. But still no flying. 

All day Tuesday we kept an eye on him and he’s fine, hopping  around being fed by both parents, worms and bugs etc. Happy little guy. Hiding under shrubs etc. Again we worried about the night. But amazingly this morning we found he had made his way into the front garden hedgerow, still hopping around and being fed. But this time he had a sibling!! Two baby robins. Amazing as we’ve never had them in our garden before. So again we’ve spent all day keeping an eye out for them. 

So as the sun is starting to set and we get ready for a worrying night again, can I have any advice as to when these baby robins might fly. Today is day 3 and I’m so worried that the cats are going to get them as they show no sign of flying anytime soon. 

I’ve googled and there’s so much conflicting info I just don’t know what’s right. 

Thanks in advance. I will try and get a close picture at some point. We’ve been keeping our distance so not to scare off mam and dad. 


  • Re conflicting advice when googling.,...the correct action is to leave young birds alone. Any other Google advice is made up nonsense, not based on science and wild guessing. Just my opinion.
  • So have we any advice on how long it usually takes for robins to fly after fledging?
    I posted twice as I’m unsure where this was best to listen.
  • Can I also state I have no intentions at all of going near them and have left them alone for the last three days other than watch from afar. I am aware of the law.
    My query is mainly advice as to how long before they usually fly after fledging.
    It’s so worrying with all the local cats so after 3 days I’m hoping it’s soon they’ll fly and these little babies have a chance.
  • Have a look here Gem, hopefully it will be of help to you.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • You are welcome Gem.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Got to admit, I can't find any conflicting evidence of when young robins start to fly. It'll be about 3 days, give or take. If you're looking at American sites, it'll be referring to American robins which are totally different and they aren't even robins....more like blackbirds & thrushes. If they were forced out of the nest early by wind or disturbance or whatever, obviously, those extra days would need to be added on to the duration of flightlessness.
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    Gem10 said:

    I posted twice as I’m unsure where this was best to listen.

    Re this, I only posted a line to say the other was a duplicate, to save others potential typing in more than one place and duplicating each other's efforts. No problem re site being badly set up and confusing for people who are posting for the first time. It has been fed back over what ust be getting on for a decade now. Every now and then, someone new turns up to 'review' the site and seek feedback. They're never heard from again and the site remains unaltered and difficult to use.