More than two adults feeding bluetits

Good evening 

I have witnessed for the first time in around 10 years of observing nest boxes with camera, more than two adults feeding Bluetit chics.

Definitely at least three if not more.....its a frenzy of activity the chics are well fed

is this unusual activity

Also please pass on a very important message. 

I have wireless camera nest boxes....I didn't realise that the transmitter heats up inside box when switched on ....I only discovered this when cleaning at the end of the summer last year. Only 3 chs out of 12 fledged and I watched them die one by one every day....heartbreaking and I think they were being slowly cooked with the hot weather....Please Please turn wireless transmitters off on hotays ....feel really guilty

  • Hi,

    Someone else posted the same thing in the last day or so. I speculated that the third adult had nested nearby but had lost it's young/nest.

    Good point re camera boxes. Is it worth raising that as a separate thread? If anyone searches for it in months and years ahead, it may be easier to find than having it embeded in this post about 3 adults.

  • Blue tits only lay one clutch of eggs a year and usually only one or two at the most survive to the next year.