How to stop blackbirds and magpies from eating all the mealworms?

Hi all, I'm really new to the whole feeding the wildlife. I recently put out a feeding station in my garden and have 5 separate feeders containing mixed seed, sunflower seeds, fat balls, suet block and peanuts. I have a feeder tray which I've been putting dried mealworms in, however, within 5 to 10 mins of putting them out, they are gone. 

I've got loads of coal tits (I think) and 2 Robin's that venture into the garden, but I fear they are missing out on the mealworms because I have 2 blackbirds and 2 magpies who come in and eat them all. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to prevent this?

If possible could people also recommend what other types of food I should put out and in what? I've got two bird boxes in the garden but am hoping to add more, including a butterfly house, beehive and bat box. Eventually I hope to add other wildlife homes to the garden to get as much wildlife to visit as possible.

  • Hi Jade and welcome to the forum, as far as other types of food it looks like you have most of the options covered for birds. Regarding the ground feed tray I use a ground Gardian Cage which sits over feed trays on the lawn, mine has the option to reduce the size of the wire squares on two sides. It will let Blackbirds in if they get the hang of it but will stop bigger birds and allow Robins etc to enter once they get used to it. On a more longer term idea you could plant nectar rich plants and flowers for bees and butterflies.
    It would be great if you could post some pictures of your garden wildlife on the forum. Good luck.


  • You could try the RSPB feeder with the cage and tray at the bottom of the feeder
    This would limit the size of bird that would have access to the mealworms or other food. Another reason for this type of feeder is it limits the food that falls to the floor reducing the arrival of vermin.
  • Morning Jade,   as Tony says a ground guardian cage comes with pegs that you can fix into the ground to stop the cage moving and if you can find the pitched roof type guardian that will have sliders that will enable to you to adjust the mesh size to either allow blackbirds in and larger birds out or to not allow blackbirds in but only smaller birds.      

    The other feeder I found to be one of the best is THIS ONE which works well for mealworms;  only smaller birds will be able to access the food and it was very popular with all our small birds.    Takes them a day or two to recognise a new type of feeder but after that they were swarming in !     They are a bit expensive to buy these guardians and feeders but works out economic in the long run.        good luck.  


    Regards, Hazel 

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