Cleaning under the bird feeders??

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We recently invested in a bird feeding station and the birds seem to really like it so that is so encouraging! However, I've realised that there is a lot of wastage in the form of seeds and bird droppings accumulating underneath the feeder. I have read online about the need to rake and remove this so the birds remain healthy as well as a rotation of the feeding station. However, what's the best way to clean underneath the feeder to ensure hygiene? Do I rake the seeds and then remove droppings by hosing the concrete area where it has landed? Is soap and hot water needed? And where do I dispose of the waste? The grey bin? Also, how often should I do this need? I need advise, I don't want the birds to get sick or the garden to be in a miserable state as my dogs spend time there as well.

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    This is a common question, and I think the most frequent answer is to save yourself the majority of the hassle is to get some trays that fit under the feeders, thus catching the dropped seeds. I think forum regular Hazel answered this in a similar post, with links to different types of tray, I'll have a search and see if I can point you in the right direction for that thread
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    I think forum regular Hazel answered this in a similar post, with links to different types of tray

    Yes,  somebody had a problem with vermin being attracted to the fallen seeds/food on the ground and I suggested adding seed catcher trays to the bottom of the feeder.     I have added a link HERE to the post which will give BFR some more info and the links to the seed catchers.

    I would always move feeders to a different area every two or three months,   add the catcher trays to reduce the spillage on to the ground and if the feeders are above concrete area, use broom, dustpan and brush to sweep up any excess which is disposed on in the general household waste bin (colour of bins vary council to council) .   I would brush down the concrete or paving with hot soapy water to clean up the poop, etc., and then rinse down with buckets of plain water (hot or cold) or use a hose pipe.     More difficult if seed is mixed on grass but your lawn mower should pick up some of the mess in which case you would have to use the green waste bin where you dump the grass cuttings.    Generally, I used to clean the area every fortnight but it really does depend on how grubby the area gets;   I would clean poop off every day, including wiping the perches on the feeder each day,  general cleaning underneath the feeding area shouldn't be as bad if you use the seed catcher trays;   they vary in size so I would go for medium size as finches can be quite messy eaters and the seeds may spill off the smaller size catcher tray.     Just regular hygiene needed, you don't need to worry overly;   judge it by what looks like it needs doing and keep the perches clean and the catcher trays cleaned each day.    Good luck and enjoy your birds,  it is good that you think about the cleanliness of feeders and areas as not everyone does  !    Well done and happy bird watching.   


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    Thanks Hazel, I got distracted lol
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    Thank you so much this is really helpful! :)