What type of feeders do Jay's like the most?

What type of feeders do Jay's like the most?we have a few in the garden but the Jay's never use them, thank you

  • Hi Molls,

    Jays can hang on to wire mesh feeders with peanuts in them but being quite large birds they find it a bit tricky. 

    I've had more success with putting whole peanuts on an old log.



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  • In reply to TeeJay:

    Hey, thanks so much for your reply. Lovely photos too! Luckily we have a tree stump in the garden so I will try this out, thanks again for your reply

  • Hey, my bird likes to eat peanuts and sunflower seeds. I think you try changing the dish for him to eat some sunflower seeds? Perhaps it will help, the meal will be more diverse and will be able to provide some additional nutrients that chestnuts have not yet brought. Oh, I think TeeJay's idea is not a bad one either. You should also try changing some of the ways by including it in the adapter. https://birdingdepot.com/best-finch-feeders/ And keep in mind that the choice of seed and sperm loader is nonetheless very convenient, it will attract your bird and may help you avoid other predators and poachers. From nature. Anyway, this is my opinion you can check it out if necessary.

  • Hi guys, since posting that question we have seen the Jay's a lot more.. we have a bonded pair collecting food so hopefully have a whole family soon...
    Thanks again for both of your suggestions!! :)