Variety has disappeared

  • Sparrowhawks have a space too, simonali. No sparrows, no Sparrowhawks. Type of thing.

  • Squeamish wife who doesn't like finding bits of bird in the garden. She prefers them whole and still able to hop and fly about.

    BTW, tried the black sunflower seeds in a feeder. The sparrows just threw them all on the floor, presumably in the hope they'd find some other seeds in there somewhere?
  • Understandable. It takes some getting used to.

    Perhaps (re the seeds) your sparrows are altruists? Maybe they're just feeding the Greenfinches.
  • This is the sort of mess I have to clear up. Seeds not bird remains!
  • In reply to simonali:

    And no birds clear that up 'for you'? So, no ground feeders comfortable to eat that food and in that spot?
  • Hi Simonali, I would try smaller amounts of food in smaller feeders dotted around the garden. I feed a number of birds including sparrows, which are over 40 in number, used to be up to 100 but not these days. The other birds feed happily among them and I find the pigeons come in and pick up the droppings, the goldfinches are particularly messy feeders but everything seems to go here as I use the sunflower hearts. I tried niger seed but found them no good at all except leaving a mess underneath the feeder. I actually use mixed corn and sunflower hearts in one feeder especially for the sparrows.
    Mrs Sparrowhawk was in the other day, not keen but she has to feed and they are beautiful birds.
    It has been quiet this month but I notice the blue tits are back and have a lovely male chaffie feeding at the moment so they are returning after a hectic summer season.

    Lot to learn

  • In reply to Dave - CH:

    They don't appear to, no. I put that suet block tray there with some mealworms in it and it was full of seed within the hour.
  • Hmmm. I guess, in the end, all I can bring to the subject is enthusiasm, simonali, which isn't much help to you. Best follow others' advice and experiment with types, quantities, and locations.
    I guess we're just lucky here. Must be the famously organised Swiss birds...
  • They'll have to tidy up now as we're on holiday and the only seed they have is all over the floor!
  • Necessity is the mother of invention (I hope they're heard that one too).

    Bonnes vacances -